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Mind blowing YouTube statistics and facts

January 16, 2017


YouTube was launched in 2005. Meanwhile the videoplatform has become one of the most popular websites and search engines in the world, with over a billion visitors. The internet can’t seem to get enough of video and statistics about online video are numerous. To bring some clarity, we’ve selected 22 interesting stats. 




  • The very first video on YouTube was uploaded on 23 April 2005 by one of the founders Jawed Karim. It was 19 seconds long and titled “Me at the zoo”. In the video we see Jawed praising the long trunks of the elephants behind him  

  • In 2006 YouTube became one of the fastest growing sites with an average of 20 million visitors each month

  • In the same year, Google payed 1.65 bilion dollar to acquire the platform

  • The first ads were launched in August 2007

  • Today a staggering 300 hours of video is uploaded, EVERY minute!




  • YouTube has more than 1,300,000,000 users

  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV

  • 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watch YouTube, in an average month

  • On mobile alone, YouTube is being watched more by 18-49 year olds than any broadcast or cable TV network

  • We love watching online videos on our smartphones and tablets. More than half of all YouTube views is mobile

  • But watching YouTube on TV is also on the rise

  • YouTube can be navigated in 76 different languages and thus reaches 95% of the internet population

  • In Belgium, amongst the most watched YouTube channels are Tomorrowland, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and the K3kanaal.




  • De 100 grootste merken op YouTube samen uploaden een nieuwe video elke 18.5 minuten (2015)

  • Deze top 100 merken zijn samen goed voor 40 miljard kijkers

  • Tot de meest populaire YouTube brand kanalen behoren bekende merken als Red Bull, Playstation en GoPro. Maar ook andere merken vinden in YouTube het ideale promokanaal. vat19.com is een geweldig voorbeeld hoe je productvideo’s juist kan doen. Met meer dan 900 entertainende video’s en 3 miljoen abonnees, zitten ze in de top 10 van meest populaire kanalen, boven Lego en Coca-Cola. Monster High is een speelgoedlijn van Mattel en weet dankzij webisodes, muziekvideo’s, product “how tos” meer dan een miljoen abonnees te strikken.

  • Over “How to” video’s gesproken, die zijn erg populair en groeien met 70% (YOY)


Video for marketing


  • In 2014 4 of the top 10 videos were ads

  • The first video reaching a million views was a Nike ad, featuring Ronaldinho

  • Viewers who complete TrueView ads (watch an ad entirely or at least 30 seconds) were 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a brand channel, watch more by that brand, or share the brand video

  • Viewers who are exposed to TrueView ads but who don’t watch to completion are still 10 times more likely to take one of those actions.

  • When brands use TrueView, they see views of previously existing content increase by up to 500% after posting new videos


These mind blowing statistics only give a glimpse of the top of the video iceberg, but show what tremendous opportunities online video offers to corporations and governments to communicate, to engage and to promote. 
























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